Childcare in Coffs Harbour
Childcare in Coffs Harbour


Our education program was created based on the Early Years Learning Framework of “Belonging, Being and Becoming.” We recognise the importance of play-based learning which helps children achieve many key learning outcomes.

Strong Sense of Identity and Wellbeing

Children begin developing their self-identity through peer relationships and play, which contributes to their cognitive, social and emotional development. The education program at Little Hands Preschool fosters children’s self-esteem and increases their sense of wellbeing.

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘Play is Children’s Work.’ While play is fun for children, it also shapes the architecture of their brains. Our program helps children develop the confidence they need to be school-ready.

Connected and Contributing to Their World

Our preschool program focuses on fostering a sense of connectedness and teaching children through meaningful play. This allows kids to choose what they want to do and to evolve spontaneously so they can think on their feet. It’s also a risk-free environment so children can experiment and try new ideas, taking on new roles alongside their peers.

Children naturally negotiate rules which govern how they play together. This offers a number of learning benefits and helps them understand how to connect with other kids their age.
Children Playing — Preschool Service in Boambee East, NSW

Confident and Involved Learners

The Little Hands Preschool program helps kids become involved and confident learners. Children are curious participants who develop problem-solving skills through play. They use toys and activities and mirror the actions of their peers. Our caring team will help your child become self-assured and develop his or her social and emotional development.

We recognise the importance of providing children with a daily program and routine that helps them transition smoothly into the primary school system. Your child will develop confidence in literacy and numeracy, self-help skills, name writing and recognition and emotional development.

If you’d like to learn how your child will fit in at Little Hands Preschool, get in touch today.
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